RickRick Merrill

Rick was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and has spent most of his life here in the great state of Idaho.

Rick learned growing up the principals of hard work and earning an honest dollar. Rick graduated from Snake River High School and afterwards he attended Ricks College(BYU-I) and graduated from Brigham Young University with his degree in Business Management. Rick then moved to Paris to receive his training in gold smithing. However, this Paris is in Texas. In 1983 he went to work for his father-in-law Dale where he was able to fine-tune his skills in the art of gold smithing. In August of 1985 Rick purchased Grant's Jewelery and started his life long business of making young couples happy.

Some other accomplishments of Rick Merrill are his fulfillment of an LDS mission in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Rick also donates lots of time to coaching local sports teams. From basketball to baseball, he loves to help out in the community. His policy is come in the store and you are going to leave as family.


FrankFrank Hadry

Frank  is Main Street Diamonds' Head Sales Manager. Frank has been working with Rick for 25+ years. Frank started back in 1990 and has proven himself in being able to help the customer find what he or she wants at a price they can afford.

Originally from Philadelphia and the South Jersey area he moved here to go to school and has made this is place of residence. However, his love for the Philadelphia Eagles remains. Frank loves doing business with everyone in town and looks forward to seeing you soon.