Feature Story of Devonee & Blake

  We love to hear your stories here at Main Street Diamonds. This is the story of how Devonee and Blake Christensen met and got engaged!   "Blake and I met at G’s Dairy last March when he came up from USU to visit his family. I was working there and he came in one weekend with a group of friends. I remember the first thing I heard out of him was his laugh and I’ll be honest, I loved his laugh instantly. When he came up to the counter to order he asked me what was good...when he said...

Wedding Hair Styles

Hair is such an important aspect of the wedding day. If you think about it, your hair shapes your face, and wedding photos last forever! You need to look good, and you need to know which wedding hair styles will work best for you on that special day. Here are a few wedding hair styles to consider. Long Hair vs. Short Hair When a girl has long hair, leaving it down with curls always looks beautiful. Show off the volume and length. Up-do's that are thick and curly look amazing on long hair as well. It mostly depends on your...

5 Engagement Photo Locations in Rexburg

It's the time in the semester when if you're engaged and are waiting to get married in April, you are probably looking to take your engagement photos! After finding the photographer you love, you need to decide where you want to take the pictures. Some photographers will have specific places in mind, but here are five engagement photo locations in Rexburg during the winter that you can try! St. Anthony Sand Dunes If you've lived here for a while, then you know about the sand dunes about 10 minutes north of Walmart. They might sound like a typical location, but...

Prep Your Hand for that Ring!

Let's be real ladies. No matter what you tell yourself, you definitely know when you're getting engaged before he pops the question. You've also probably bypassed the traditional surprise and planned the entire wedding. Or maybe you've merely chosen the ring and are waiting for the "surprise." Either way, you know that moment is coming soon. This is the moment you've waited for a long time. You've probably imagined it since you were five. You planned the venue, the music, the colors. All you need is that ring to make it official. With today's trends, you'll most likely have a...

How to Design Your Custom Ring

After choosing the right man, the next thing to do is choose the right ring for you! It's the beginning of a lot of decisions, but with the help of Main Street Diamonds, we can create your dream ring! Just follow these steps to create your customized ring.     1. Choose the right stone Engagement rings are thought to be traditionally diamonds. However, gemstones were used instead due to their resistance to being scratched. The top three gems suggested as a diamond substitute are rubies, sapphires and amethyst. The top three gems not suggested to use are emeralds, pearls...

The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Wedding Flowers

Getting the right flowers for your wedding can sometimes feel like a huge task. There are so many flowers out there and almost just as many different style choices as there are flowers to choose from. So how do you know where to start and what you should be looking for? We have created a guide to help you through the process!


1. Set a budget

The first thing you should really do before anything else is know how much you plan on spending on your floral. This budget should be realistic. Almost every other decision you make about your floral arrangements will come back to your budget. These other decisions include the type of vase, the type of flowers, the number of arrangements and much more.


2.  Find a florist that you trust and love

Finding the right florist is so important! Each florist has a different style and way of doing things so you want to make sure you find one that’s your style. Try looking at some of their previous work on social media and photos on their website. Some florists are also more expensive so you will need to find one that works with you budget. Once you find a florist that you want to work with they can help guide you through the next steps.

3. Know what flowers are in season


Your florist will be able to help guide you further in this area. This also goes back to having a budget. Some flowers are out of season but you can still get them if you are willing to pay a lot for them. Most people though will want to stick to what’s in season since these will be cheaper and easier for your florist to find.


4. Get a mix of textures and colors

Have your color scheme ready before you go to pick out your flowers. You will of course want to get some of the focal flowers in your scheme. However, some of the best flower arrangements have a variety of textures and colors. One thing to keep in mind is that in the floral world greenery is considered a neutral. Add some greens to mix it up and add some texture.

5. Don’t expect everything you see on Pinterest

One piece of advice florists have to often tell clients is that those bouquets and other arrangements you see on pinterest are fake flowers. Flowers come in different colors but there are some flowers that just don’t come in that color. Of course feel free to bring in those pictures to give the florist a better idea of what you typically like and want but don’t expect yours to look exactly like what’s in the pictures.


Most importantly, have fun! Choose something you love and make it unique!