5 Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry that You Probably Missed

You’ve gotten the perfect rings, started planning all the details of the big day, and of course started your wedding registry! With all the excitement and planning going on it’s easy to forget things that you will need besides dishes and glasses. Here’s a list of 5 gifts to add to your wedding registry that you probably missed.


1. Lot’s of Towels and Sheets

You can never have enough! If you’ve only added one or two sets of each, you will want to add one or two more. Both your towels and sheets get used everyday and if you aren’t doing laundry frequently it’s really nice to have some extras. This gift is one easy for any guest to want to give.



2. Tools

This is a big item that you will definitely need! Having a good set of tools will especially come in handy when your moving into your apartment. I would suggest a tool kit that has all the basics like this 102 piece home repair tool kit on Amazon. If you are moving into a house with a yard be sure to ask for other tools that you will need for yard maintenance. Some of basic yard tools would include a lawn mower, shovel, hose and rake.


3. Speaker

Having a nice speaker is something you don’t think about initially, but once you have one you realize how much you’ve been missing out on! You need this gift on your list! Right now there are tons of great speakers available. Do some research and find the one that’s right for you two. It comes in handy when you want to listen to music together at home or you can find a portable one that you can take with you on the go.


4. Travel Items

If you and your soon to be spouse like to travel be sure to add some cool travel items with a variety of different price points. Here’s a few ideas:
Scratch map → These are also a great way to decorate! If you haven’t heard of scratch maps before they are posters that have foil underneath so when you travel somewhere you scratch off the top layer and it exposes a foil underneath. This is a great way to document your travels together and is a creative gift people would love to get you.
Luggage & Luggage Tags
Go Pro → So you can capture all your travel adventures!
Decorative Box to collect tickets and small souvenirs from places you travel
Polaroid Camera/Instant Camera

5. Games

Your wedding is a great time to stock up on some games you can play together and with friends! Be sure to add some that can be played with just two people for those date nights at home. It’s also a great opportunity to add that game you’ve heard of but never played. You might just find your new favorite game!
Have fun with your wedding registry and remember to add some items that are for your hobbies and not just you kitchen. Leave a reply below if you have any other ideas of things you would add or if there’s something you couldn’t live without!

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