5 Engagement Photo Locations in Rexburg

It’s the time in the semester when if you’re engaged and are waiting to get married in April, you are probably looking to take your engagement photos! After finding the photographer you love, you need to decide where you want to take the pictures. Some photographers will have specific places in mind, but here are five engagement photo locations in Rexburg during the winter that you can try!

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

If you’ve lived here for a while, then you know about the sand dunes about 10 minutes north of Walmart. They might sound like a typical location, but if your photographer is good at their job, the sand dunes are a great place! Whether you are walking on the top of a dune or down in the mouth of it, the sandy or snowy background makes for a great neutral colored back drop.


Dry Farms

Maybe you’ve called this place, “way out there in the corn fields by the temple pass the silos.” Either way, the dry farms provide a variety of sceneries that are great for an outdoor photoshoot. If it’s snowy, then the green fir trees would be beautiful with a loving couple standing in front of them. If it’s dry (due to this weird and unusual winter), then the grass and dirt roads are perfect too, especially with the sun setting in the background!


Fall Creek Falls Idaho

This one is a little more of a drive, but you won’t leave disappointed. In just under an hour from Rexburg this area is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, beautiful trees and plants. If it’s snowy, you can get some amazing photos of the frozen water in the background. If it’s more warm and not snowy, the waterfalls are gorgeous or the plains of grass and rivers provide a romantic and spontaneous feel.


Main Street Side Streets

This may sound a little ghetto at first, but trust me on this one! Behind some of the old Main Street buildings are cool spots where if angled correctly, could provide some nice and professional engagement shots! Take a chance and have fun in a different and unique area.


Smile, look good, and have fun where ever you go to take these memorable photographs.


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