How to Design Your Custom Ring

After choosing the right man, the next thing to do is choose the right ring for you! It’s the beginning of a lot of decisions, but with the help of Main Street Diamonds, we can create your dream ring! Just follow these steps to create your customized ring.



1. Choose the right stone

Engagement rings are thought to be traditionally diamonds. However, gemstones were used instead due to their resistance to being scratched. The top three gems suggested as a diamond substitute are rubies, sapphires and amethyst. The top three gems not suggested to use are emeralds, pearls and opals due to their likeliness of chipping.


buying a wedding ring


2.  Figure out the shape

Once you decide on the stone, the shape is the next choice to make in order to customize your ring. To give you some ideas, ten of the more popular engagement shapes are round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, asscher, oval, emerald, marquise, and radiant. It’s important you try on some rings before he buys the ring, mostly due to the fact that rings fit fingers differently, just like clothes! For example, women who have shorter fingers should try the elongated shapes such as pear, oval and marquise. They tend to be more flattering and are often most appealing with thinner bands. Women with longer fingers tend to pull off square shapes such as princess, asscher and radiant.

3.  Create a Style

After you figure out the first two choices, creating the style is what makes a customized ring so fun! This is when Pinterest, ring checking, and imagination comes in handy. You can even check out our website for more ideas. Add multiple stones to both sides, add them on the edge, twist the band. Do you want a gold, white gold, or rose gold band? Remember that when you create it, it’s completely yours to cherish forever!

Now that you have a couple of things to think about, remember, have fun! This isn’t swim suit season, it’s wedding season. It only comes once, so enjoy the experience! Try on every single ring you see if that’s what it takes, because you deserve to have the ring of your dreams!


-Kelley Monson







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