A Guy’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You have found the love of your life. Now there’s just one thing missing before you can seal the deal: a ring! There’s much to know about your fiancé-to-be’s future ring. Here are some important things you should know before buying an engagement ring.

buying an engagement ring

The Four Cs of Diamonds

If you’re planning on buying a diamond ring, be sure to first consider the four Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

The cut will determine the shape of the diamond. It can also have a big effect on how much sparkle comes from the diamond. Here’s a quick reference to some of the different cuts that are out there:

buying a wedding ring

Color speaks to the clearness of a diamond. A “Z” ranking means that the diamond has a noticeably yellow or foggy look. A “D” ranking is at the other end of the spectrum, being given only to diamonds that are the most colorless and clear. However, any diamond with a letter ranking lower than a “G” will not be noticeably different to the naked eye.

The clarity of a diamond is determined by how many imperfections the diamond has. Many of these will not be visible without the aid of a magnifying glass. Consider the internal and external characteristics such as inclusions or blemishes – there is rarely a diamond without any.

The carat is simply the physical weight of the diamond. The more carats, the heavier the stone. One carat is equal to a fifth of an ounce. How big a diamond of any carats looks can be affected by the cut of the diamond, and how it’s set into the ring. Size may matter, but it’s certainly only one of several things to consider when buying a ring. So, while some girls say that all they want is a big rock, don’t forget to think about all four Cs before the wallet opens.


Stone Type

Diamonds don’t always have to be a girl’s best friend. Other gems are trending as couples search for alternative options that prove to be less expensive and more unique ways to seal the deal.

Ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, and tanzanite are other stones to be aware of as you search for the perfect ring. Don’t hesitate to ask your significant other about what they’re looking for in a ring, and consider these choices if they align with what she hopes for.


Settings and Bands

Whether you want a classic solitaire band or a custom ring with your own exclusive unique design, the perfect ring is out there for you and your future spouse. Even if you’re surprising her with a ring, it’s good to have some idea of the style or look your girlfriend is wanting. After all, it’s safe to say she’ll be wearing this forever. No pressure!

Among the many options out there, there are vintage heirloom-inspired details, classic clean solitaire looks, delicate but dramatic halos, or even three-stone settings. Getting some basic information from your girlfriend can narrow down your search and save you a lot of time and hesitation.


Ring shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful thing to check off the list. Whether you ring shop together, or want to totally surprise the love of your life when you pop the question, researching a little information about the engagement ring is the best way to go. Knowing the four Cs, her stone preference, and the desired style will make things a lot easier when choosing the ring she’ll wear for the rest of her life!

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