5 Practical Steps to Take After Getting Engaged

You just got engaged and now it’s time for the excitement and romance of planning a wedding to kick in! But where do you actually start when it comes to wedding planning? Here’s 5 steps to take now that you’re engaged!

1. Pick a Date

One of the first steps to take after getting engaged is deciding the actual wedding date. It can be hard to find a day that works best with everybody’s schedules. Call up your families and begin setting a practical timeline that will work best for everybody.

2. Create a Budget

When you’re planning a wedding it’s easy to forget some of the practical elements, such as creating a budget. It is important to remember how much you can afford to spend on your wedding and what you plan on spending most of your budget on.

3. Take Engagement Photos

Schedule your engagement photos early! The earlier you take your engagement photos the earlier you can get your pictures back and start figuring out what you want your announcements to look like.

4. Set the Location

If you’re getting married in the temple or at a venue, after you’re engaged you’ll need to decide where you’ll be getting ¬†married. It is good to figure the location out early so you can reserve a date and time for the temple or your wedding venue.

5. Start Showing off That Shiny Ring

And the last thing to do now that you’re engaged is to start showing off that beautiful addition to your left hand!

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