Your Guide to Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer is finally here and that means that your wedding day is right around the corner! Planning a wedding during the hottest month of the entire year can be stressful. Here’s your guide to planning the perfect summer wedding so you can sit back and enjoy the sun.

Choose Your Dresses Wisely

It doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding dress or if it’s your bridesmaids dresses. You’re going to want to make sure you choose something that is going to be too hot. If your planning on having your wedding at an outdoor venue in the middle of summer you will want to make sure that you try to keep your dresses as cool as they can be. Try and avoid any thick materials and if you can, try to avoid.¬†

The Menu

Make sure you consider what foods you will be serving. You won’t want to serve anything that can easily melt, or anything that needs to be kept refrigerated. If you can’t stray from menu items that need to be kept cool than consider hosting your wedding or your reception in a backyard so you can keep all the food as fresh as possible!

The Timeline

When it comes to hosting a summer wedding you need to make sure you consider the timing of your day wisely. You’ll want to avoid having your wedding at the hottest part of the day. Consider hosting your wedding in the evening when the heat has died down a little bit!

The Flower Arrangements

Make sure you choose flowers that can withstand hot temperatures. You will want to make sure you don’t get your arrangements made too many days before the wedding because you risk your flowers dying early.

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