6 Not so Traditional Foods to Serve at Your Wedding Reception

If there’s one thing people of all ages love, it’s food. At a wedding reception one of the thing your guests look forward to is the dishes you’ll be serving. But how do you decide what the right food is? Here’s 6 dishes to serve at your reception that aren’t your typical reception food item!

1. Make a Donut Wall

Donut walls are cute and clever way to display your desserts! Donut walls  are an iconic reception food that have been making their way into weddings everywhere the last few years. The best part is, you don’t have to stick to just donuts, you can try soft pretzels too!

2. Have a Food Truck Cater

If you want to be a little different and don’t want to serve the typical reception food to your guests the same thing they’re used to having at receptions then step out of the box a little bit and have a local food truck cater your reception. Food trucks will make your guests feel like they’re in charge because they can decide what they want and they’ll enjoy the dish even more!

3.Use an Old Boat to Hold Drinks

Have an old row boat lying around? You can make great use of it at your reception by filling it up with ice and holding all of your beverages inside the boat!


4. Have a S’mores Bar

If your reception is outdoors and you have an open fire pit at your wedding reception then serve s’mores at your event! A s’mores bar is something all of your guests will love because of the original twist on a fan favorite item! Try some of these s’mores recipe’s if you’re willing to get creative!

5. Serve Sliders

Sliders are the perfect food for a reception because they’re small and simple to make! You won’t have to spend hours preparing this dish and there are endless options for what types of sliders you want to serve.

6. Cotton Candy

Every child at heart will love this traditional carnival food! Your guests young and old will have a flashback to all of their fondest summer memories at the carnival and you won’t be able to keep them from coming back for more!

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