5 Bridesmaid Dresses You and Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Finding bridesmaid dresses you and your bridesmaids will love can be really stressful. You have to find color schemes and styles that everybody can agree with. These 5 Bridesmaid dresses will have you and your girls happy!

1. Coordinate Colors, Not Outfits

One of the hot trends of 2017 is to have your bridesmaids match a specific color scheme, not necessarily their outfits. Long gone are the days of trying to get all of your bridesmaids to agree on the same outfit. Now, you can make everyone happy. Have your bridesmaids match your wedding colors, but they don’t necessarily have to match each other.

2. Pick your colors in Shades

One thing that can add a lot of variety to your bridesmaid dresses is to choose your colors in shades. Instead of having everybody wear the exact same color, have your girls wear different shades of the same color. This will mix things up and and help things stand out a little bit more.

3. Go with Two-Pieces

Who said you had to go with a dress? Break the norm a little bit and go with a skirt and a shirt. Going with a skirt rather than a dress allows you to get creative. You can get a floor length skirt and a cute lace top to go with!

4. Mix in Metallic

Metallic has made a bold come back, and it’s time to embrace it. The opportunities are endless with the metallics. There’s a lot of sheer dresses with metallic accents that you could try out!

5. Tea-length

Tea-length dresses are a longer dress that fall below the knee. These dresses can be both elegant and fun. One of the best parts about tea-length dresses is the fabrics! These dresses tend to come in tulle or chiffon, which can create a beautiful and  fun tutu effect!

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