8 Stunning Engagement Outfits for Spring

When taking your engagement photos you don’t just want your photos to look good, you also want to make sure your outfits are killer! But how can you possibly narrow down all the options in your closet?  Here’s a breakdown of 8 ideas for stunning outfits for your engagement photos!

1. Add Color

A little bit of color is perfect for spring and it can be a calm  way to show a little bit of your personality’s! If you want your outfit to make a statement and stand out you can choose a bold color like red, yellow, or green.

2. Go Formal

Looking for an opportunity of elegance? Dress it up and make both of your outfits a little more formal. You don’t have to go completely formal but ladies can wear a cute dress or skirt and men can wear a nice blazer with khakis.

3. Add Denim

Denim can be the perfect statement piece for the spring season. Ladies or fellas can use this as an opportunity to try out those denim shirts you’ve had your eye on.

4. Go Floral

Spring is the perfect season to utilize all those pretty flowers, whether that’s flower prints, or flower crowns. Get creative and try something a little out of your comfort zone!

5. Use Black and White

Black and White  outfits are another way to add an element of elegance to your engagement photos without looking too dressed up.

6. Add patterns

Patterns are a great way to show off a little bit of personality depending on your individual style. You can try anything from plaids, to polka dots and anything in-between!


7. Add Lace

Lace is one of those fashion trends that makes a statement. Just by adding a little bit of lace you can get a beautiful, and elegant edge to your appearance.

8. Keep it Casual

If you want an outfit that shows more of your everyday personality and style, then keep it casual! You can wear dark wash jeans a light t-shirt and sandals!

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