The 5 Best Locations To Take Engagement Photos Near Rexburg

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to show off that sparkly ring on your finger and the person you get to spend forever with! Engagement pictures are crucial. But how do you decide on the best location to take your photos? You might think Rexburg doesn’t leave a lot of room for creative control when it comes to location for engagement photos. But you’d be surprised. Here’s the 5 best locations to take engagements near Rexburg!

1. Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

The sand dunes is one of the best locations for engagement photos. They are the perfect place to show off your and your fianc√©’s personalities. You’ll have the opportunity to relax and your photos will look natural and fun!

Photographer: Autumn Grey Colbert; Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

2. Grand Teton National Park

You won’t find a view better than this one! There’s something breathtaking about the view of the Teton Mountains while you’re standing next to the person you love. Engagement photos in Grand Teton National Park will bring love and excitement into your photo shoot!

3. Swan Valley, Idaho

If you’re willing to go for a bit of a drive and enjoy the beauty around you Swan Valley is another great place to take engagement photos if you want a beautiful view. You can take pictures by the waterfalls or near the river with the mountains in the background.


4. Menan, Idaho Bridge

This is a secret hotspot if you want engagements in a rustic location. This bridge is located on US 20-W passing Menan. You can sit down on the railroad tracks and enjoy the beautiful scene around you.

5. Wheat Fields Near The Temple

This is an iconic location to take your engagement photos. You can enjoy the scene of the fields and the temple nearby in your photos!


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